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What does “Qabiria” mean?

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What does “Qabiria” mean?

The name Qabiria comes from Cabiria, an Italian 1914 movie, directed by Giovanni Pastrone. It is one of the first superproductions in film history. The director introduced innovative camera movements to a narrative extent (the “travelling” was born here). Gabriele D’Annunzio, a famous Italian poet, takes part in the film by writing the text inserts. Apparently, he also invented the names Cabiria (a sorceress from imperial Rome) and Maciste (the strong hero, one of the main characters).

The name Cabiria was later used by Federico Fellini in 1957 for his Academy-awarded movie, Le notti di Cabiria, whose main character is played by his wife, Giuletta Masina.

We chose this name to link our business to the golden age of Italian successes, with a touch of nostalgia and some self-irony. You shouldn’t forget that translation is often defined as “the second oldest profession”. Choosing Qabiria makes a strong a connection to the first oldest, and at the same time it’s a quite clear mission statement: we're professionals for hire.

And what about the car?

Our logo features a car, specifically a Fiat 500 or Seat 600, which enters (or exits in reverse from, depending on your point of view) a garage. The car also has a key, so in reality it is a tin toy.

Why did we choose this image?

  • FIAT 500 and SEAT 600 models are very similar, when viewed from behind. This view let both Italian and Spanish users recognise the car: both were initial target groups for Qabiria.
  • Both models have features that can also be applied to Qabiria as a company:
    • a strong national connotation - the 500 was the car of the economic “boom” in Italy, as the 600 was in Spain
    • reliability - despite its compactness, the 500 air-cooled engine and its simplified mechanics, was extremely durable
    • easy to get - everyone’s affordable car
    • a “nice” look, and an innovative design, in those times, especially the 500 designed by Dante Giacosa.
  • The wind-up key is added to play down the seriousness that too often characterizes the translation industry (certainly a legacy of its philological-literary origins) and wants to express the importance of working for fun.

Essentially, Qabiria's brand tries to summarise the key concepts that our company wants to convey:

  • irony
  • creativity
  • reliability
  • technology
  • culture

The whole process that led us to choose “Qabiria” as our company’s name is described in the News section (in Italian only).

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