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First translation agency that accepts bitcoins

First translation agency that accepts bitcoins

Starting from today Qabiria accepts payments in Bitcoins (BTC), the new virtual peer-to-peer currency, which is in quick expansion and promises to revolutionize the concept of payment on the Internet. Bitcoins are electronic money, vaguely similar to Linden Dollars that can be used to buy virtual goods and services on Second Life. The main difference is that, while you can use Linden Dollars only inside Second Life, with bitcoins you can pay for goods and services in the real world.

There are two ways of getting bitcoins: they can be generated from scratch, or you can trade them with euros, dollars or other currencies. In the first case, without going too deeply into technical details, you can use your computer’s computing power to generate bitcents using special software. Or you can just visit one of the many sites offering currency exchange with bitcoins and choose the one with the most favorable exchange rate and fees. For instance, today 1 BTC = 14 EUR = 20 USD.

In recent weeks there has been an increased interest in this revolutionary way of paying for goods and services on the Internet, because the system is peer-to-peer and open-source, but also because all transactions are between two individuals, without the need for intermediaries (banks, credit card companies, payment gateways, etc.), helping reduce expenses and commissions.

As far as we know, Qabiria is the first translation company in the world accepting bitcoins (if there are others out there, please add your name on the comments!). If you want to know our rates in BTC, you only need to ask on your request for quote.

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