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GT4T: a useful yet simple translation aid

GT4T: a useful yet simple translation aid

In our search for interesting solutions to the to the everyday chores of the translator, a new tiny application came about, offering a simple shortcut to one of the best Internet resources for machine translation: GT4T.

GT4T stands for “Google Translate for Translators” and features a new set of keyboard shortcuts for translation-related commands which integrate either in Microsoft Word or in every editing application, depending on the purchased license (respectively Word Edition and Professional Edition). These shortcuts allow to interface with Google Translate without the use of a browser in order to obtain translation hints and edit them in your ongoing translation, together with access to the Google on-line dictionary and additional functionalities for implementation in CAT tools which don't feature a machine translation integration, such as the less recent versions of SDL Trados (GT4T also works with TagEditor), SDLX, Wordfast, etc.

The main feature is the CTRL+J shortcut (CTRL+ALT+H in the Word Edition, substitute CTRL with the CMD key if you work on a Mac): this shortcut allows you to interrogate Google Translate about the text you highlighted and returns the translation according to it in place of the selection

Having such functionality based on Google Translate allows for:

  1. Leverage machine translation of selected parts of the texts, that you can use both when:
    • you think that Google's translation can be just as good as yours, saving keystrokes in the process, and
    • you are stuck or too tired and all you need is a translation hint, which sometimes comes about suprisingly accurate.
  2. Select any language pair among more than 50 languages supported by Google Translate.
  3. Make use of statistical machine translation. Google Translate works by defining patterns in hundreds of texts already translated by human translators and then by suggesting the most appropriate translations according to a complex algorithm.

You don’t have to learn any new complex interface or install any new big program. And in our opinion the total invisibility and the user’s incredibly fast learning curve are in fact the best features of this little jewel. They make it a perfect opportunity to start using translation-related software or to implement a new useful function in your professional translation environments.
Also the installation is a no-brainer. For GT4T Professional Edition:

  1. Download the installer or unzip the downloaded zip file.
  2. Run GT4T_pro or gt4t.exe. A clover icon appears in your system tray.
  3. Move your mouse cursor over the clover icon, and click your right mouse button for various commands:
    Click "Language Pair" to set up your working language pair.
    Click "Hot Keys" to view or change the default hot keys.
  4. To try it out, type some text of the source language anywhere (Notepad, Word, etc) , select it (preferably using CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT or RIGHT arrow key) and try a hot key (e.g. CTRL+J).
  5. For the Word Edition it works like the installation of a normal plugin, the settings being recalled with the CTRL+ALT+G shortcut.

Highly recommended, the price of the license for the Professional Edition is $ 48 (€ 33), Word Edition at $ 28 (€ 19). Qabiria's users are offered a 20%-discount! Simply use the coupon RE-MARCEV-20 at the check-out, or buy a license of GT4T directly from this link.

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