MT for Everyone - Episode 14: How to build an ignore word list

MT for Everyone - Episode 14: How to build an ignore word list

Adding an Ignore Word List can help your engine continue translating without misinterpreting certain false positives. Learn how to obtain a list of unknown words.

What is "MT for Everyone"?

"MT for Everyone" consists of 15 episodes of less than 3 minutes long each. Throughout this series, we attempt to cover all phases related to the customization of a machine translation engine and the most common data-driven approaches. You will learn how to obtain a corpus, prepare and clean your training data sets, appraise and refine your engine's output quality. This series targets both, newcomers to the translation industry and senior translators, who would like to take advantage of this technology to boost up their productivity. 

When can we expect it?

Viewers can expect to find a new episode on our YouTube channel every Wednesday. You may also want to subscribe to our channel to get notified about our latest program updates.

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