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Discover the new version of Allerglobal

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Discover the new version of Allerglobal

Qabiria is launching the new version of Allerglobal, the web app for tourists... with allergies!

Today, we in Qabiria have some good news for you. After several months of hard work, the updated version of a project that we started a few years ago and that really needed a makeover is finally available: Allerglobal, our online service for travellers and tourists with food allergies and intollerances.

Continuing on our quest to blend translation with innovation, after many hours of brainstorming, meetings and thinking, we came up with a concept that will be both useful and interesting for many people.

Allerglobal is essentially a service for people travelling abroad, through which you can create a card (which can be printed or saved to your smartphone) showing the allergies you suffer in the language of your choice, so you can show it to restaurant or healthcare staff in the country you want to visit.

Allerglobal was conceived during lunch with a friend who was about to travel to Ukraine. He explained that he was very worried because he had a strong peanut allergy. He feared not being able to explain to hotel and restaurant staff that he could not eat any dishes containing that ingredient. After that conversation we began the process of designing and developing a beta version of the project, which has been online for many years and has even received attention in the media.

The name comes from the combination of the words “allergies” and “global”, as the target audience of the service are tourists, adventurous people and all those who love to explore and plan international trips.

To reach as many travellers and tourist destinations as possible, the current version of Allerglobal offers the user over 15 input languages (the user's language) and almost 50 output languages (the language of the country where the user will travel). No similar service on the market offers as many language combinations.

Allergies are divided into 3 macro-categories:

  • environmental
  • food
  • medical (active ingredients)

The categories are then divided into about 70 different subcategories, covering a total of over 300 allergens.

Allerglobal is designed as a paid service, but for a limited period of time the platform’s services will be offered free of charge, to allow everyone to have an easy first contact and to experiment with the features.

If you want to find out more, now is the best time to do it. In fact, we invite you to do so and - of course - we will be very happy to hear your opinion on it!

Visit Allerglobal.com

(And yes, we know that bi-directional languages such as Arabic and Hebrew are not rendered properly. We're working on a fix!)

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