MT for Everyone - Episode 3: How to convert a TMX into a corpus
15 Aug 2018

Watch this week's tutorial on how to convert a TMX into a corpus. This approach can be quite handy when required to build a language model from a parallel corpus.

MT for Everyone - Episode 2: How to split a TMX into smaller TMX files
08 Aug 2018

Watch this week's tutorial on how to split a TMX into smaller TMX files. Learning how to manipulate translation-related XML materials is a must-have skill if aiming to train a data-driven engine.

MT for Everyone - Episode 1: How to download a corpus
06 Aug 2018

Watch this week's tutorial on how to download a corpus. This tutorial will get you started using the Opus Corpus repository.

Watch Qabiria's New Video Tutorial Series: MT for Everyone
11 Jul 2018

"MT for Everyone" will be released on August 1st, 2018. A video tutorial series for eager translators.

How to Share an OmegaT Project Using Dropbox
06 Apr 2018

Using a Dropbox folder to share the translations, it is very easy to collaborate on the same project with OmegaT.

The typesetting paradise: a brief introduction to LaTeX
30 May 2017

A brief introduction to LaTeX, LaTeX writing, its uses and the best way of translating TeX files.

How to translate a Moodle course
12 Aug 2016

Follow our guide to translate a training course created in Moodle using open-source tools.

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