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English-Italian translation for Smartling, provider of technology for web and mobile localization


Qabiria has been a reliable partner for our customers, always available to help when customers require a timely translation to launch the new version of a site or app. We’re very pleased to have them be a part of Smartling’s network of translation partners.
Kala Maxym
Kala Maxym
Client Success Manager

Smartling is an American company that helps businesses reach international markets quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively, empowering them with a technology that integrates the whole translation workflow and the distribution of multilingual content. As a technology company, Smartling customers use their own preferred translation suppliers, or Smartling’s network of specialized language service providers. Since 2012, Qabiria has been working in the Smartling platform delivering solid language skills for the localization of Web and mobile content from English into Italian, and making good use of this innovative online translation platform.


From 2012 until now Qabiria has participated in hundreds of projects where customers are using Smartling technology, especially Web and app localization. These range from automotive industry content to digital publishing, from photography to business communication systems and much more, including mobile app projects. Smartling's platform enables translators to focus on the linguistic aspects, freeing them from the purely technical issues, such as the conversion, export, and import of content, whether it's a website, an app, or a file-based document. Qabiria’s language services clients receive on-time and accurate translations, enabling them to reach the Italian market with the most appropriate texts. By becoming a Smartling referral partner, Qabiria is now able to provide our clients with the means to greatly simplify the process of translating websites, mobile apps, and documents.

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