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Neuber Software

An aid to approach the Italian market: Software localization and submission of the site to Italian web directories

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We needed Italian specialists who were also tech-savvy in order to promote our services among the Italian public. The guys at Qabiria did an excellent job in no time!

File.net is an encyclopedic site which provides information on all kinds of known files, in order to improve computer users' security. The site is run among others by Neuber Software. Neuber is a Germany-based software house, which produces a number of freeware and shareware utility applications. Qabiria started working with Neuber Software by carrying out the Italian localization of one of their best products, Visual TimeAnalyzer; this is a program that enables to monitor and analyse computer users' activities and the time they spent on projects and online browsing.

After the successful launch of File.net website, Neuber decided to offer their service to Italian users as well. Neuber wanted to optimise the website positioning in search engines. Therefore they turned again to Qabiria, assigning us the task of selecting the most relevant web directories to submit the Italian version of File.net.

First of all Qabiria was asked to review over 200 Italian web directories and to determine which ones were the best in terms of SEO. Afterwards we had to find the right section for Windows files security information before proceeding to submit File.net site in a reasonable time.


The immediate customer's satisfaction was confirmed by traffic data after slightly more than a month: thanks to our job, traffic on File.net in Italian was sensibly increasing, thus ensuring a quick ROI. For this reason Neuber offered us a new similar job for their free software.

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