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Localization and adaptation of online and offline contents for Jamendo, leading platform for independent musicians


After considering the different alternatives available on web and local marketplaces, Qabiria turned out to be the best option as for quality/price ratio. After one year working together we are very happy and Qabiria has proven to deliver top professionality and expertise.
Claudio Ortelli
Claudio Ortelli

Active since 2005 and based in Luxembourg, Jamendo is the industry leading platform for independent musicians and music licensing for commercial use (in-store broadcasting and multimedia production). It allows the artists to upload their tracks and other users to buy royalty-free licenses, while audio streaming and download are free for personal use. They have also just added to their offer a new service of custom musical composition.

Until 2014 Jamendo's international team have been translating their website themselves, but because regular updates were becoming too frequent and large, they decided to outsource this type of jobs to Qabiria. We have carefully listened to and matched Jamendo's needs, while setting up from the very beginning an open and transparent cooperation. Thanks to our long experience in web localization, we have selected the best linguists for these translations, and set up a team that responds fast and positively to the customer's requests, irrespective of their frequency or size.


In such a competitive industry as the music licensing market, it is crucial to meet the scheduled updates and lauches of new website versions. Starting from 2014, Qabiria has enabled Jamendo to launch at the same time all its international websites. Qabiria started being in charge of the localization of the new Jamendo website in German, Spanish, Italian and Polish, then helped with the semiautomatic generation of about 500 SEO-optimized web pages, also in English and French, and translates all mailing and marketing campaigns. In May 2015 Jamendo has then added Russian and Brazilian Portuguese to its multilingual offer, totalling between 40,000 and 65,000 words, depending on the target language.