​Here at Qabiria our thoughts go out to those at the forefront of the COVID-19 emergency and those most affected by it. We are working to offer our services on a regular basis, and are available to offer solutions to any clients and suppliers with difficulties arising from the ongoing emergency situation.

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What does “Qabiria” mean?

Online advertising translation

A good quality translation is fundamental to successful online campaigns

Thanks to our PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising experts, both Google Adwords and Bing Ads, we provide an excellent service of translation and internationalization of keywords and ads campaigns.

Texts translated by native translators with an extensive knowledge of web marketing

Translators’ experience is a key factor in ensuring the use of relevant keywords and optimising the quality score of your own landing page. Qabiria follows the highest standards of technical translation, including different phases of editing, so as to provide the most fluent reading experience for the final user.

Query and competence analysis

Whether you have some search queries in a specific language to find leads, or you just want to analyse what keywords your competitors are using to successfully launch new campaigns, Qabiria offers all the know-how you need to take your analysis with the contribution of their own PPC experts. The keywords resulting from the analysis will then be added to the list of those to be translated.

In synergy with the other services

If you are already making use of Qabiria’s translation and internationalisation services to translate your website or app, no doubt that the translation of your PPC campaign will be aimed at optimizing the relevance of your ads and achieving the highest quality score for the target pages.

We keep the structure of your compaign unchanged

In case you need a new campaign, we will refer to the structure of the corresponding campaign in the original language, thus being able to make any possible measurements or changes on each campaign easily and effectively.

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