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In-house translation team training at leading industrial automation systems firm Marsilli

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Thanks to Qabiria's help, our staff was able to keep up-to-date on some of the essential aspects of our business. Although the topics discussed were rather technical, and therefore potentially boring, Qabiria's training was agile and stimulating.
Maria Grazia Mangione
Maria Grazia Mangione
Head of PM Asst. and Sales Support

Marsilli is an Italian leading manufacturer, specialising in winding and assembly systems for coils and motors. The devices designed and assembled by Marsilli are sold in over 50 countries, from 10 strategically located offices in Italy, Germany, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, India and China. This international projection is supported by an internal team of over 10 translators and interpreters working from the headquarters in the province of Cremona with diverse expertise, experience, and background.

In order to even out the employees' level of knowledge, Marsilli turned to Qabiria. Together, they decided to take action on two levels: on the one hand, to review the characteristics and peculiarities of their translation processes and management programs (the so-called Translation Management Systems, TMS). On the other hand, to improve online search methods and tools, which are essential for all translation department's tasks.


After a two-day training at Marsilli's premises, the team of linguists had learned the main aspects of translation projects and had been able to practice with online search examples and strategies. They have also acquired good habits for their daily work to improve their overall productivity.

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