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Adaptation of contents from French into Spanish and desktop publishing services

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Qabiria's advice significantly contributed to achieving our target: relaunching Homelink in the Spanish market.
Gerald O. Gomez
Gerald O. Gomez

Homelink España is the Spanish branch of Homelink International, a world's leading home exchange organisation since 1953. Homelink counts over 12,000 members worldwide. Gerald Gomez, who runs the business in Spain, had already wanted to offer new products and services. His object was to attract new customers while retaining the existing ones. Gerald needed external help to implement his marketing strategy.

Homelink España turned to our team in order to optimize resources and accelerate production. To start with, Qabiria translated the French corporate material into Spanish. Afterwards, owing to our localization and graphic design expertise, we were entrusted with the revision and localization of contents, the creation of a corporate brochure and the graphic restyling of the brand. Although this assignment does not lie within the habitual scope of our services, Qabiria has the necessary flexibility and experience to execute ad hoc tasks like the ones we have just mentioned.


In the space of two weeks, Qabiria delivered a draft brochure with a professional layout featuring a new visual identity for the brand. This assignment became part of a broader strategic collaboration, where Qabiria contributed new ideas to Homelink España's future communication tactics and action plan, especially in the process of developing the corporate website. Here is a demo featuring Homelink España's brochure:

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