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Privacy policy - Personal Data Processing

  • Date of creation: 05/20/2018

QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E. (hereinafter the “Website Owner”), in accordance with the recommendations established by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection and other autonomous entities such as the Catalan Agency for Data Protection (Agencia Catalana de Protecciò de Dades, in Catalan), based on the right that enables you (data holders and/or users) to access information, the Website Owner has developed a new privacy policy, which consists of a series of epigraphs, written in the clearest and most concise possible language. Note that the original text includes legal passages. This English translation is given for informational purposes only. The only binding text is the original Spanish version, that you can read here.

Privacy Policy

In order to facilitate the access to information, the following information is organized in different sections. The user can access each section by clicking on it, without having to read the entire text.

  1. Manager of the Data Processing Procedures
  2. Delegate of Data Protection
  3. Purpose of the Data Processing Procedures
  4. Periods or Criteria for Data Storage
  5. Recipients of Cessions or Transfers
  6. International Data Transfers
  7. Rights of Users (data holders)
  8. Data Sources (origin)
  9. Data Collection Forms
  10. Social Networks

1. Manager of the Data Processing Procedures

Dear user, the person in charge of all affairs related to Data Processing (position originated from the legal regulation of data protection) will be the company. The following chart summarizes the company's contact information. In this text and the current website, the name, “QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E.,” should work as a reference for the activities of data collection and processing.

Thus, bear in mind that when you enter (browse) and interact through this website, you are dealing with this specific company.

NameTax IDAddressOffice for Dispute Resolution
QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E. ES-B64802747 C/ Lleida 3, 1-2, 08912 Badalona, Barcelona, Spain C/ Lleida 3, 1-2, 08912 Badalona, Barcelona, Spain
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.*

2. Delegate of Data Protection or Responsible of Data Processing Policies

The “Delegate of Data Protection or Responsible of Data Processing Policies,” hereinafter “DDP” or “RDP,” is part of a role contemplated within the new regulatory framework, which came into force in May 2018. This individual is responsible for ensuring the Company’s own compliance with these norms and regulations. The main purpose of this text is to provide you with all the necessary infomation for you to know who to address in case you would like to contact us. Here are the contact details.

CompanyDelegate of Data Protection or Responsible of Data Processing PoliciesNotes
QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E. Sergio Angelo Alasia Internal

*) If you contact us via email, enter “Personal Data Processing” in the subject line.

3. Purpose of the Data Processing Procedures

In this section, the following chart describes the reasons for data processing. The processed data is retrieved from the current website. This data is found within the files registered by QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E., based on the Spanish Agency for Data Protection:

Web users If the user has entered his/her email in the corresponding registration forms and has given his/her express consent, this file is used for navigation (cookies) purposes, and it sends ads, commercial and informational content relevant for the user. It is linked to a web form.

We kindly ask you (user/data owner) that before accepting the privacy policy (by clicking the acceptance box) or agreeing to data processing, please read the general information and refer particularly to this table, which indicates the purpose of collecting the data you provide us and the data file or data files to which the data is linked to.

4. Periods or Criteria for Data Storage

In this section, we make available the chart below with information related to the purpose of data processing, which can take place through the navigation of this website. It is important to note that the companies or the corresponding delegates may collect data from more than one file. However, we will just mention those files that are related to the activity of data processing within this website.

FileStorage periodsDataData exceptions
Web users The contact information is kept indefinitely as long as there is no request for opposition or cancellation by the data owner. ---

The data storage terms are established by QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E. Its criteria is based on the purpose of this collected data and the legal duty for its maintenance. (another law that entails maintenance) and other associated statistical reports or archives may be of interest to the company at a strategic or management level

5. Recipients of Cessions or Transfers

FileAssignees with general characterOthers
Web users According to the regulatory framework, only relevant public entities are entitled to inquire about the collected data without the authorization on behalf of the user.  

6. International Data Transfers

Currently, QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E., in its capacity as file/data manager, does not make data transfers to third parties (other companies) located in a different member state of the European Union.

7. Rights of data holders (for whom they might concern)

In order to cover a few of the fundamental aspects of the current regulatory framework (effective May 2018) such as the rights attributed to natural persons (data holders), we inform you that you can exercise your rights by writing to QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E., C/ Lleida 3, 1-2, 08912 Badalona, ​​Barcelona, ​​Spain or by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can request, if you find it appropriate, a form for the exercise of the rights that are referenced below:

  1. Access
  2. The right of access refers to the legal entitlement of the data owner to get the records that the company keeps about him/her.

  3. Rectification
  4. Note: The right of rectification refers to the legal entitlement of the data owner to rectify the information/data that the company has of the data holder. For example, if your information requires to be updated or modified, you may inquire for changes to your data.

  5. Removal
  6. Note: The data holder has the right to ask for data removal, which consists of deleting all the information that the company may have about you. You may want the company to stop making use of this information/data.

  7. Portability of your data
  8. Note: This right will not apply until May 2018.

  9. Refusal to data processing
  10. Note: The data holder is entitled to refuse the activity of data processing on him/her. This applies in case the data holder wants the company to stop making use of his/her information. For example, if the suer is not interested in receiving commercial content any longer.

  11. Right to withdraw the consent given.
  12. Note: This right will apply until May 2018.

  13. Right concerning the data origin
  14. Note: This right will apply until May 2018.

8. Data Sources (origin)

In general, the data within this website is retrieved in the following ways:

  • From the interested party

Note: Any data provided by a web user, potential client, you, in any of the contact forms or any means of data collection offered within this website should be true. The user should not proceed with the registration of any data on behalf of third parties, unless the individual can enforce the legal power of representing a third party.

9. Data Collection Forms

In this website, you can find the following means of data collection.

Contact Form Contacting the company to request more information about its services. Data will not be sold to third parties. The processing of the data is handled by the File Manager (QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E.) Only contact information will be requested (usually email, name, telephone).

10. Social Networks

QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E. may use different social networks (sites, pages or profiles) to advertise its activities. In any case, if it compiles or collects users’ contact data to perform direct commercial intended actions, it will always be in compliance with the legal requirements of the Organic Law on Data Protection and the Law of Information Societies Services - Electronic Commerce. Since QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E. is not the owner of these social networks (websites, webpages or profiles) on which it engages with users, QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E. and the USER are subject to the terms and conditions established by the social networks. Thefore, in order to achieve the right of access to information, we include the different links to the privacy policies of the different social networks in which QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E. is active:

When these terms and conditions are not applicable or when the extension of the terms and conditions is not allowed by the social network, QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E. has devised a series of specific rules on this regard (the use of social networks) for users. QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E. has created several pages, sites and profiles on social networks to support, inform and bring about knowledge related to their activity.

For these sites, webpages and/or profiles to be useful, it is necessary for the user to respect a few basic rules. Therefore, we recommend that you read carefully the following rules.

  1. Remember that these sites, webpages or profiles have public forums. Therefore, publishing any data, comment or information means that the user accepts that his/her activity can be visible and/or accessed by the rest of users within the social network and by QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E. (as the owner and manager of the site, page and/or profile).
  2. The user is asked to try to add value to the publications. Remember that the user is responsible for these publications. In case of doubt, we advise not to make posts.
  3. These sites, pages and/or profiles (associated with social networks) represent forums for the exchange of opinions or contributions by users, but it is not the appropriate framework to create controversy or disqualify third parties.
  4. The user is requested to be respectful to the rest of the community within this site, page and/or profile.
  5. The user is requested to use an appropriate and correct language.
  6. The user is requested not to publish advertising material or make use of these means for lucrative or commercial purposes.
  7. These channels or means of information are not the best places to promote other users or job opportunities.
  8. The data that is published, by the users, must be true.
  9. In case the user wants to share data or original work (texts, photographs, graphics, videos or audios), mind the fact that by sharing it on QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E.’s social networks, the user authorizes QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E. to reproduce said data or information in any physical or virtual medium or channel.
  10. The symbols or logos that are used in these sites, pages or profiles are trademarks of QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E. (or has a legal authorization). Also, QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E. owns all the contents posted in its profile. Therefore, all intellectual and industrial property rights associated with them are reserved to QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E. As a user, you accept to respect and not to use them without proper authorization.
  11. Downloading the contents is limited to personal and private use.
  12. QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E. is interested in preserving the good use of these networks. Therefore, QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E., as an administrator of the site, page, profile and/or resource of the social network in question, reserves the right to eliminate any of the following publications or comments.
  1. Content that is considered illegal, slanderous, disrespectful, threatening, unfounded, inappropriate, ethical or socially reprehensible or that, in any way, may cause material or moral damages to QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E., its employees, collaborators or third parties.
  2. Content that includes data from third parties without the authorization of QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E., and
  3. it is a recurrent issue.
  4. It includes any type of recommendation for the benefit of the user or third parties, whether individuals or legal entities.
  5. The content is not related to the objectives of the site, page or profile of the social network.
  1. QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E. is not responsible for the opinions expressed in these sites, pages or profiles and does not assume any guarantee about the veracity, accuracy of the information contained therein.
  2. Under any circunstances will QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E., employees or authorized staff be responsible for any type of damage, loss, claims or expenses. Whether they proceed or not from the use of social networks, the accessed information by or through it, computer viruses, operational failures, interruptions in service or transmission or line failures. The use of this social network, either through a direct contact or by the connection from other means, constitutes a warning to users that an incidence of this type may occur.

QABIRIA STUDIO, S.L.N.E. reserves the right to modify, suspend, cancel or restrict the content of this profile, links or information obtained through it, without prior notice. In case you have questions related to the navigation within the website, content and access, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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